Terms & conditions

Conditions of online sale (Tunisian law)

Terms and Conditions

Referring to the decrees issued pursuant to Tunisian law setting the conditions for the exercise of activities relating to the organization and sale of trips or stays. We have a copy available to the buyer upon request. of the articles concerned, which also appear on our websites. Registration for one of our stays implies acceptance full and entire of our conditions of sale that the customer will have consulted beforehand as well as all the terms of the proposal. Any derogation for the benefit of the customer will not bring any innovation to these conditions. Total or partial nullity of any clause of the General Conditions does not invalidate their other provisions. Our terms of sale are annexed to registration requests, invoices and can be viewed on our websites. Their text can also be obtained on simple request addressed to the management of the company.

Validity of the offer

Our offers are subject to availability at the time of registration. Our registration request and our descriptions constitute valid prior information unless sold in the meantime, the terms of which will be void for lack of signature within 24 hours of its issue.


Our prices are expressed in Tunisian Dinars and per person. They must be verified at the time of registration. They do not understand : Any government taxes not in force on the day of registration, additional insurance to our civil liability as described below, airport taxes, visa fees, personal expenses (drinks, supplements, laundry, telephone, fax, deposits for the loan of various equipment, etc.) excess baggage, deposits, costs or penalties incurred following a violation of the laws of the countries concerned, excursions not mentioned in registration, tips and in general any service not expressly included in the registration form.


It is possible that for an identical stay, our customers have paid different prices. Customers who have paid the normal rate will in no case be eligible for a retroactive refund.


Registration is effective upon signature by the customer provided that availability has not disappeared in the meantime. The following are not considered as release from debt: the delivery of a payment card number until the agreement of the center is obtained, nor a check as long as it is not debited except bank check, a postal order as long as we have not been able to cash it or a transfer before confirmation from our bank. The balance is payable no later than 30 days before departure without reminder from us, within conditions applicable to the deposit, failing which we would be entitled to terminate the contract without the buyer being able to claim reimbursement of his deposit or any compensation whatsoever. In this case the cancellation will be considered as the initiative of the buyer.

Payment by credit card

A new procedure called "card-sight" has been put in place for online payments, it consists of a physical check carried out on the card used to pay for the order. This control consists of having a physical and legible copy of the card used for payment, as well as an identity document of its holder, either by fax to 72.322.950, or by email to the address contact@hotelclubpresident, failing which the order will remain suspended and will not be processed until the procedure is applied.



Important: The Maximum cancellation period is set according to the signed contract. Beyond this period, the entire stay will be invoiced (no cash reimbursement nor having is possible). For any false declaration concerning the age of the children or honeymoon, SOTOTEL disclaims all responsibility, and this by paying the full rate